Marketing 101: People Love Getting Free Stuff

Look around your house or office. Chances are there’s something there that has a company’s logo on it. And there’s also a good chance it’s something you’ve had for a while. I can say that with confidence because statistics back me up. In a recent survey of consumers, the surveyors found that:

91% had at least one promotional product in their kitchen and 74% had at least one promotional product in their work area.

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JKS Goes Hollywood

At JKS we get the opportunity to do a lot of cool things, and one of the coolest is helping make TV commercials and movies seen by millions of people. Here’s something you probably never really thought about – almost everything you see in commercials and movies is a prop, either rented for the production or, in some cases, created just for the production. And when the people who make those commercials and movies in this area need those props, or what they call assets, they often get them from JKS.

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