I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For A Big Screen

Let’s say you’re at an event. When you look out over the crowd, what are you likely to see? A lot of people these days ignore their surroundings, looking down at the little screens they have in their hands instead. One of the big challenges we face is creating experiences that are fun and interesting enough to tear people away from their devices, and we’ve found that one great way to do that is with a bigger screen! Continue reading

The Three Things You Need To Go From Idea To Reality

There really is no typical JKS project. Some of our clients come to us with a fully formed idea and ask us to execute it. The challenge with this approach is figuring out how to make their vision come to life within budget limitations. But others come to us with just a thought or an idea and lean on us to turn their idea into reality, which is more of a challenge.

Any partner you are working with needs to have three things to make it happen – experience, creativity, and resources. You can apply these three things to virtually any situation where you want to partner with a business to get something done.

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Our Crew Can Build Anything (Seriously)

The guys in our shop amaze me on a daily basis. They can literally build anything. Case in point – a doghouse from the future.

Here’s the backstory: I heard about a fundraiser called Raise The Woof to help meet the needs of animals in our community. The idea was that people and businesses would build unique and unusual doghouses that would then be auctioned off, with the money going to support groups like the Davidson County Animal Alliance, High Point Canine Solutions, and other local charities. Now as you know from a previous blog, dogs are near and dear to my heart, so I thought JKS should be represented with a doghouse.

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If You Are Going To Do It, Do It Right

When the 2018 NASCAR season kicks off at Daytona on February 18, some of our work will once again be on hand. As we’ve done for the last 15 years, we’ve painted the car hauler for the Wood Brothers Racing team, which this year is fielding the Menards #21 Ford Fusion driven by Paul Menard. Since this is Menards and Paul Menard’s first year with the Wood Brother’s team, the trailer had to be completely redone. As you can see, the results are eye-catching.

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It’s The Little Things That Matter Most

Back in the 80s, just after Will had started JKS, a good friend of his named Denny Hauser, who owned the very successful Hauser Rental Company, told Will something he’s never forgotten: “Will, it’s not the big customers that make you, it’s the little ones that keep you in business. They’re the core of your business, and the big customer, when you have one, is the gravy.”

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Giving Back – For Us, It’s The Best Kind Of Giving

At JKS, we see our business as part of our community. Many of the people we interact with at work – fellow employees, customers, vendors – are people we see out and about. It may be different when your business is based in New York or Los Angeles, but when your location is a largely rural, small town area, you realize how interconnected everyone is and how important it is to have community support. You also realize how important it is to give something back to that community.

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Thanksgiving – The Perfect Time to Say “Thanks” to Your Employees

Anyone who runs a business worries about employee retention. Bringing in new people is a hassle – there’s interviewing, training, paperwork, and so on. If you have someone who’s doing a good job, you want to keep them. That doesn’t just mean paying them well and offering good benefits. People like to feel appreciated, and Thanksgiving is a great time to show your appreciation to your employees.

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JKS Has Gone To The Dogs (By Choice)

Here at JKS, we welcome visitors to our office, but we do tell them one thing – if you don’t like dogs, you may not like it here. My Great Pyrenees, Tray, and my Bernese Mountain Dog, Cal, have the run of the place. As a result, our offices have more fur and drool than most people are used to. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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